Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back in Action

It's been almost two months since my beautiful son was born.  What a wild ride it's been!  I have been on the steepest learning curve of my life these past few weeks, but as a result, I have learned so much about being a mom.  It truly is the best job in the world and also probably the hardest!

Next week, I am returning to my job as an elementary music teacher.  I feel like I'm starting from scratch because I literally only had one week with the kids at the beginning of the school year before my doctor politely ordered me to go on maternity leave.  Now I can't believe it's over!

The feeling of returning to my profession is bittersweet.  I am lucky in that I only have to work part time or four hours daily.  So I'll only be missing the morning hours with my son.  I'll be with him by lunch.  But I'm also excited to embark on this new journey and get really creative with my music lesson plans. After all, it's elementary music.  It has to be fun or the kids will be bored after about five minutes!

As I navigate the juggling act of motherhood and music, I wonder where I fit in the music biz.  I've been really missing Nashville lately and am prayerful that my future may include it once again.  I am  feeling the push to get my vocal book on the market because I think people could benefit from the information inside.  So I'd like to have that available on Amazon by the end of this year.  I'm also feeling the push to get back to writing music.  The last song I wrote was a lullaby for my son.  It would be exciting to have two or three new songs by the end of the year.

All in all, I'm excited to be getting back into music.  In a way, you could say I'm returning to my roots.  I may take a break at times in my life, but music is in my blood.  I have a feeling I'll be returning to it all my life!

(This is my gorgeous son, Landon, showing off his long "piano fingers".  My hope is that he becomes a fourth generation pianist in our family some day: my grandma, my father, me and my son!)