Friday, February 10, 2012

The Voice Returns!

This past Sunday, February 5th saw the return of one of my favorite new shows, NBC's The Voice. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining fresh-breath-of-air music show that in my opinion far outweighs the tired concepts of American Idol and The Sing-Off.

What I love so much about this show is that so many of these singers remind me of myself. They love music so much that they can't not perform. It is in their blood. They feel like if they aren't able to do something with their music, they will face a fate worse than dying; they will face the reality of never having truly lived to their full potential.

I love the variety of the voices that appear on the show, especially this season. I have to give props to the classically-trained singer, Chris Mann who appeared on the show on Sunday and belted out a beautiful rendition of an Italian song. I loved what he said to the judges about being tired of trying to "shrink his voice", so he just decided for the show to sing with his true voice. I hope he goes a long way on the show!

I really enjoy the fact that all four vocal coaches are currently enjoying their own great careers outside of the show. None of them are "has beens"; they are all doing big things right now. It's fun to listen to their critiques of each of the singers and agree or disagree with them from the comfort of my couch.

If you haven't seen The Voice, I highly recommend that you tune in on Mondays at 8pm EST on NBC! This is entertainment at its best. Not to mention, there is much to be learned about the singing craft and its current trends. Happy watching!

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